Agile Girls Having a Battle

battleAmira and Jessyka are both agile, young and fierce when it comes to battle. There are only a few girls with these characteristics, so we can be only happy. Boxing, wrestling, or even getting a bit dirty and go for soft spots… these are all games for them! Of course that both of the girls want always achieve the victory. But as it happens with enmity, and their passionate struggle turn into an erotic tangle which Continue reading Agile Girls Having a Battle

Big Ass meets Bigger Ass

rookieJohnny is a bad ass big booty rookie who has been training behind the scene. She thinks she has what it takes to be a true champion in sex fighting. Johnny is now ready to stand against rookie cup tournament champions, Savannah ‘Big Booty’ Fox. This babe has some really unconventional moves and it’s really hard for girls to anticipate what Savannah is going to do. She’s always ready to do her flying squirrel Continue reading Big Ass meets Bigger Ass

Training Before a Real Fight

trainingOne leader, one people, one land. Forget about it. The matter of course here is: Two girls, one ring, one fight – and only one winner… Who would it be? At this moment it’s not that important. Alice King aka Genna Gain and Daikiri, the young Russian starlet having training to be fully prepared for a real wrestling game. Wrestle for victory – and besides the right to train in the gym anytime, the winner will Continue reading Training Before a Real Fight

Bella Makes Her Opponent Squirt

Bella RossiBella Rossi and her evil twin Barbary Rose are just about to start a 100% real competitive erotic wrestling game. In this game, the dominant wrestler tries to make her opponent cum on the mats against her will. It sounds like a good challenge, right? When one wrestler fails to make her opponent cum on the mats during the wrestling, she is allowed to continue fingering after the match is over. Continue reading Bella Makes Her Opponent Squirt

Massive Mud Fight

fightHave you ever heard about term ‘toe-to-toe battle’? So called ‘toe-to-toe battle’ involving two people or groups fighting with or competing against each other. And that’s exactly what’s going on here! Regina goes toe to toe with another sexy European babe. This mud battle thoroughly does its job of completely covering both of them in sweet mud. It may be humiliating to some, but these wet and Continue reading Massive Mud Fight

Mud Splattering Messiness

mudWhen you’re watching Lexxis Brown and her female rival Katy, it’s pretty clear that there will be really enough mud splattering messiness. This hardcore muddy wrestling match will go over your idea of female wrestling battle. Check this video out and see as these horny and beautiful girls having fight while getting covered in mud! It looks like they’re really having a good fun and Continue reading Mud Splattering Messiness

Tough Girls in the Garage

garageKara and Harley have had a boring day in the garage. There haven’t been any customers so the girls are about to have a garage party. I think that this is definitely a brilliant idea. These two horny redheads really aren’t selfish. They have invited you into the garage to watch them strip out of their mechanics overalls. Get yourself ready for plenty of booty twerking and titty sucking! These two tough Continue reading Tough Girls in the Garage

They Are Not Redheads Any More

redheadsWell, I’ve got good news and bad news for you redhead lovers out there. Both girls, Petty and Rosses Blue, are rockin’ some sexy red locks, but after a few minutes in the mud pit, there’s not much red left beneath the loads of sloppy, nasty mud covering these girls from head to toe. It’s a brutal battle for these fun-loving babes, but with a bunch of sexy satin clad, sweeties cheering them on, including some Continue reading They Are Not Redheads Any More

Fleshy Black Bitch

LisaBoth Ingrid (white redhead) and Lisa (that fleshy black one) have both won their qualification games and have a undefeated rookie cup record. Someone has to lose today and someone has to be remorselessly fucked and humiliated. As you will see, Lisa will beat the loser with her tits, ass and every other part of her fleshy body. Hm, it looks like Ingrid will have to be ready to be utterly destroyed – no matter Continue reading Fleshy Black Bitch

Coaching the Team

coachingCoaching a female wrestling team can have great rewards or bitter consequences depending on whether you win or lose. This used to be a regular training, but some of the girls took it very seriously. One of the wrestlers was brought to tears because she she feared to lose. The girls recognized it pretty quickly and immediately gave her a nice lesson. The losing girl started to get slowly demoralized, finger-fucked and totally dominated by other girls. I think that many Continue reading Coaching the Team

Daisy and Milcah

dominationDaisy Ducati and Milcah Halili are two of the most impressive wrestlers of the season. They just meet in for a cup tournament and they have a good chance to prove, who is the most dominant female sexual gladiator in this tournament. These slutty girls give it everything they’ve got, and the domination shown in the wrestling rounds is truly mericless. Submissions, finger banging, etc. When the game ends, the winner is going to fuck the loser good and hard, which is Continue reading Daisy and Milcah