Shiny Satin Outfits Went Messy

satinNessa Devil and Laetitia certainly look like a proper business babes. Their stylish shiny satin outfits only accentuate it, not to mention their high-heeled shoes. In the beginning of this delicious scene, the global situation is quite quiet. But it doesn’t take long for their true colors to come out. Laetitia turns a simple accounting dispute into a totally messy food nastiness scene! Girls, show us your Continue reading Shiny Satin Outfits Went Messy

Mud Fight With an Audience

audienceAs the title hints, there’s going to be some crowd in this game. Most of them are girls, and be sure that some of them would really like to get involved to female wrestling. Now let’s get some info about this game. While some of the battles are more about princesses rolling around in the mud, this particular battle is more close to a real wrestling match. That’s the good news of course. These babes will Continue reading Mud Fight With an Audience

Lesbians in the Sludge

sludgeYou may remember Lexxis Brown and Katy from one of previous movies published here called: ‘Mud Splattering Messiness’. In this case, the hardcore muddy wrestling match goes from your standard duo battle to an all out mud brawl. Of course, a crazy group of chicks (and one lucky dude) are presented as well. They’re all watching the mud ring and after a couple of minutes, they’re all going crazy like Lexxis Continue reading Lesbians in the Sludge

Massive Mud Fight

fightHave you ever heard about term ‘toe-to-toe battle’? So called ‘toe-to-toe battle’ involving two people or groups fighting with or competing against each other. And that’s exactly what’s going on here! Regina goes toe to toe with another sexy European babe. This mud battle thoroughly does its job of completely covering both of them in sweet mud. It may be humiliating to some, but these wet and Continue reading Massive Mud Fight

Mud Splattering Messiness

mudWhen you’re watching Lexxis Brown and her female rival Katy, it’s pretty clear that there will be really enough mud splattering messiness. This hardcore muddy wrestling match will go over your idea of female wrestling battle. Check this video out and see as these horny and beautiful girls having fight while getting covered in mud! It looks like they’re really having a good fun and Continue reading Mud Splattering Messiness

Dirty Duo in Action

brawlLexxis Brown and her girlfriend named Katy are definitely a kinky duo. And now they’re gonna to be a dirty duo! When they came at the place, they immediately turned into a raw mud brawl, and if you think they aren’t enough involved in mud splattering messiness, don’t be fooled! As the time is going, this hardcore muddy wrestling match goes from the standard duo battle to an all out Continue reading Dirty Duo in Action

Not So Nice Bath

bathTwo women are wrestling each other in a bath filled with mud. They are watched by a referee and another group of women is cheering them on. Some of them are little boozed, but still concentrated enough to be involved in this crazy session. One of the women manages to pull the other ones bra off, baring her tits, which is exactly what we love on female wrestling, right? No wonder the game went Continue reading Not So Nice Bath

They Are Not Redheads Any More

redheadsWell, I’ve got good news and bad news for you redhead lovers out there. Both girls, Petty and Rosses Blue, are rockin’ some sexy red locks, but after a few minutes in the mud pit, there’s not much red left beneath the loads of sloppy, nasty mud covering these girls from head to toe. It’s a brutal battle for these fun-loving babes, but with a bunch of sexy satin clad, sweeties cheering them on, including some Continue reading They Are Not Redheads Any More

Referee in the Mud Battle

mudDo you remember Miss Skinny? This woman has been a lovely and fearless referee for the past few weeks, but now she’s getting into the mud battle with Petty and showing everyone that despite her name she’s got some mud-lust and force to back it up! These European cuties are going to show you what an “allwam mud throw-down” is all about, and you can bet they’re both going to Continue reading Referee in the Mud Battle

Nasty Blondes in Sloppy Battle

blondesLexxis Brown is a green-eyed Czech blonde and when she goes to battle, it can only be totally sloppy and sexy. And her blonde mate Lucy is also a top class! With this dirty mud slinging around these nasty blonde hoties, they’re not going to be blond anymore, but instead a nice shade of ‘dirty brown’! While they may be full of laughs and smiles, they’re actually face deep in mud and looking to win Continue reading Nasty Blondes in Sloppy Battle

Battle in the Mud

battleIt’s time for another mud battle! In this case, the main person is a fierce looking Alex who’s going after a babe, who in any other universe would be totally inappropriately dressed in a long, sexy black dress. And that’s just before a mud battle! No matter though, in this special place, almost anything and everything can get wet and messy. Wild weekly mud battles are normal thing, with some European babes getting thrown around in the mud Continue reading Battle in the Mud

Two Girls Wrestling Each Other

twoThe party is in full swing and it seems that it’s the right time to do something extra. A group of frolicsome girls are standing around a pool which is filled with a dirty mud, and it was really easy to encourage two of them to get into the pool. Well, the referee is ready, so it’s time to start a regular struggle. The girls start wrestling each other, throwing each other over while trying to win the game. There’s no wonder that after a few minutes both of them are Continue reading Two Girls Wrestling Each Other

Mud Pit Wrestling

Mud Pit WrestlingDamn, these two pretty girls will make your mouth water when they get into the mudd pit but after a few minutes, they are so covered in the stuff and you can barely see anything but mud. After rolling around in it and sling it at each other, both girls are indistinguishable from one another. The best part of the video is that there is so much mud on one of the girls, that her pants literally falls off and we get Continue reading Mud Pit Wrestling