Coaching the Team

coachingCoaching a female wrestling team can have great rewards or bitter consequences depending on whether you win or lose. This used to be a regular training, but some of the girls took it very seriously. One of the wrestlers was brought to tears because she she feared to lose. The girls recognized it pretty quickly and immediately gave her a nice lesson. The losing girl started to get slowly demoralized, finger-fucked and totally dominated by other girls. I think that many Continue reading Coaching the Team

Mira Dominated Them All

challengeMira Cuckold is a pro-wrestler and official Domina and she really isn’t someone you should pick on. Still, luscious Kerry was cocky enough to challenge her. Escorted by her brother, she steps on the mat, and with no surprise, she’s just to be easily girl-handled by Mira. Kerry’s brother couldn’t just stand and watch her sister being beaten, so he steps on the mat too to save her. Man, it was a big mistake! Soon brother and sister are both beaten and used by the Continue reading Mira Dominated Them All

Rolling on the Couch

couchSometimes the things can get a little hot at home, and when these two club rivals meet up right there, they immediately get into a wrestling bout with each other! Why not to use a comfortable couch for it? As you will see, it is a really good place for this purpose. Watch how these amazing girls rolling around on the ground with each other, hair pulling, squeezing each other between the strong legs, and generally trying to dominate the opponent. Yes, this is what Continue reading Rolling on the Couch

Two Girls Wrestling Each Other

twoThe party is in full swing and it seems that it’s the right time to do something extra. A group of frolicsome girls are standing around a pool which is filled with a dirty mud, and it was really easy to encourage two of them to get into the pool. Well, the referee is ready, so it’s time to start a regular struggle. The girls start wrestling each other, throwing each other over while trying to win the game. There’s no wonder that after a few minutes both of them are Continue reading Two Girls Wrestling Each Other

Daisy and Milcah

dominationDaisy Ducati and Milcah Halili are two of the most impressive wrestlers of the season. They just meet in for a cup tournament and they have a good chance to prove, who is the most dominant female sexual gladiator in this tournament. These slutty girls give it everything they’ve got, and the domination shown in the wrestling rounds is truly mericless. Submissions, finger banging, etc. When the game ends, the winner is going to fuck the loser good and hard, which is Continue reading Daisy and Milcah

Wild Laboratory Fight

laboratoryLaboratory assistants Nikky and Tiffany work on a new formula. They want to invent the super lubricant, the special oil. But as you probably know from a real life, when there are two and more fuckable women in one workplace, it mostly meand problems and peddling chocken fights. Also a lab work involves a lot of tension, and soon the smart and naturally sexy laboratory geeks find themselves nude, struggling for control, their bodies slide on each other, thanks to Continue reading Wild Laboratory Fight

Merciless Lesbian Fight

fightIt looks like that Cathy chooses the wrong time to pick a fight with Belinda who is nursing a raging anger after her previous fight. Shortly after the start, Belinda dominates her pretty quickly by using a special technique and continues to do so during the whole match. Belinda’s technical dominance is clearly evident. In defiance of it, Cathy tries to withstand the onslaught of Belinda’s attack, but unfortunately, her yowling is more likely a sign of Continue reading Merciless Lesbian Fight

The Main Event

rondaAnd now it’s time for the main event: Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Taint versus ‘Rowdy’ Ronda ArouseMe! Miesha knowing that Arabelle taking the official’s cock in her ass made no difference, she was in for the fight of her life – after her trainer warmed up her pussy with her fingers! Ronda’s coach massaged her titties, so now they were both ready! You simply can’t fuck with the champ – not until after you lose to her from a fierce tit bar! Ronda sat on Miesha’s face and she Continue reading The Main Event

Arabelle’s Training Time

trainingNow it’s Arabelle’s training time and experienced wrestler “Moe The Monster Johnson” is here to help her in all possible ways to improve her wrestling skills. But from the first moment, Arabelle doesn’t seem to be very concentrated. And what’s even worse, she asked the trainer to help her in specific manner and immediately poked her tits up in front of him. In a few seconds, his long black pole went really stiff and Arabelle sucks it like hell. Then Moe bangs Continue reading Arabelle’s Training Time

Building up the Hormones

dildoMiesha Taint was working out hard for her upcoming fight with Ronda ArouseMe. Her trainer Arabelle wanted to close down the gym for the night, but Miesha decided to keep going… What she really needed to finish off her exercise was a workout inside her pussy with a blud dildo she secretly kept wrapped in her towel. You have to be prepared to fight by any means possible – but would she pound her own cupcake good enough to build up the hormones Continue reading Building up the Hormones